Temple Map

Please tap the sights of interest in the precinct guidance.

境内案内 境内案内

"BONZU-KUN" temple map is available at the entrance just for ¥20!


the Main Temple Gate

The gate of Jochi Temple. Surrounded by deep trees, stone steps symbolizing Jochi Temple extend.“Ho-sho-zai-kin(寶所在近)”is a zen word which means "believe in Buddha and you can get peace of mind if you practice."


Bell Tower Gate

Unique Temple gate which has bronze bell on the second floor.

本堂 曇華殿

Donge-Den/Main Statues

Three Statue of Buddha located in Donge-Den.
Left statue represents past, center represents present, and right represents future.


Shoin (Study Room)

Historical building with thatched roof. Built in 1924.



One of the seven gods of Kamakura.Rubbing his Stomach believed to make you happy.



Shrine digged out of soft cliff. Used for monk’s training or grave.



One of the Ten Kamakura Famous Well. Was known for it’s sweet taste.(It is not used as drinking water.)



A well which can draw same water of Well of Kanro.(It is not used as drinking water.)



It is a hill named by a high priest from Rinzai who came from Japan from China, and "Tenyo" means "doing the world".
On the way to the Kuzuhara oka / Daibutsu Hiking Course, there is the Tensho Peak Monument, which was erected in 1944.

Many Ways to Pray for Temples in Kamakura

Kinpo-Zan(Jyochi-ji) is the fourth rank of Kamakura Gozan (Five) temples.

Known for incarnation of Miroku-Bosatsu, god of immortality.

Miroku-Bosatu in Joji-ji is one of the Kamakura thirteen Buddha.

Divine Kannon Statue in Jochi-ji is the thirty-first Goddess.。

Twelfth Jizo is in Jochi-ji.(Currently located at National Treasure Museum.)

Water is Jochi-ji was known for efficacy of immortality.


Jochiji in Stories

Jochiji has been in many movie films, on TV and took place in variety of stories.
Upon visiting the shrine, it may be great to take a moment to feel and wonder about the world in each stories.


1980 / director Seijun Suzuki / starring Yoshio Harada, Naoko Otani
Lovers' Kiss
2003 / director Ataru Oikawa / starring Aya Hirayama, Aoi Miyazaki
Love and Honor
2006 / director Yoji Yamada / starring Takuya Kimura, Rei Dan
2017 / director Kumakiri Kazuyoshi / starring Go Ayano, Nijiro Murakami
DESTINY Kamakura Story
2017 / director Yamazaki Takashi / starring Sakai Masato, Takahata Mitsuki
March 8th, 3rd year of Bunroku
2021 / director Hokuin Akiharai / starring Ken Matsudaira, Motoya Izumi

TV drama

The Man Who Can't Get Married
2019 / Fuji Television Network, Inc. / starring Hiroshi Abe, Yoh Yoshida
Love will begin When Money Ends
2020 / Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. / starring Haruma Miura, Mayu Matsuoka

anime television series

2012 / Television KANAGAWA, Inc. etc / animated works set in Enoshima〜Kamakura


You Can Do it Someday, So You Can Do it Today
2017 / Nogizaka46 single CD of a jacket

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